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CSM News 2019 -2020

Upcoming Events

Duhok Summer School Program

CSMD Summer School Program for CSM and Non-CSM students can participate in this program… CSM start these programs because most of the participation in summer

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Upcoming Events

CSMH Summer School

CSMH Summer School Program for CSM and Non-CSM students can participate in this program …please find below all school contact lists and location for contacting

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CSM Photo gallery

CSM olympiad photos 2019

Classical School of the Medes  find all photo and activities of students  To download full gallery please click on the button below : CSM Olympiad

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Find School branches and their locations

Hawler Campus

  • Baxtyari, Erbil, Kurdistan
  • Kindergarten: 0652644094/07507245827
  • Reception G1-12: 0662646001/07501989361
  • Administration G1-6:07503039841
  • Administration G7-12:07507257028
  • Registrar and IT: 0750-304-5762 Counseling: 07501953460

Duhok Campus

  • Kindergarten Gali, Duhok, Kurdistan: 07514305881
  • Grades 1-12 Zirka, Duhok, Kurdistan:
  • Reception: 07507873136
    Administration G1-12:
    07507423689 - 07504318084
    Registrar and IT: 07503768612
    Accounting: 07503768611
    Counseling: 07512431852

Suly Campus

  • Karezawishk, Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Grades 1-12: 0533287982/07480140541 Kindergarten: 07480655926
  • Bus Contact: 07708915050