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Dear Parent,

Thank you for your interest in the Classical School of the Medes.  We are very excited about starting a new year with you.

This letter is to notify you we are starting NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION on April 2nd 2019. Below are guidelines for registration.


What Do You Need to do in order for your son/daughter to be accepted?

Entrance Exam seat reservation

Passing the Entrance Exam


Completing the Admissions File

Making all the required payments


All of these factors are considered in making the admissions decision. 

Some students may be placed on a waiting list in order of priority of possible acceptance, and if an opening becomes available, we will notify applicants in order of priority.


How to do the first preliminary Registration (April 2019)

1.Reserve an interview with a team member
2.If you are interested in our school,

A.reserve a seat for the entrance exam and pay a non-refundable fee for the entrance exam ☐ KG: 150,000 ID ☐ G1-G8: 200,000 ID
G9-G12: 250,000 ID

B.Give the requested information to the reception desk.

two photographs of your son/daughter
a copy of their ID/passport
a confirmation letter/ or a copy of their report card from their school confirming their grade level plus their grades of their midyear exam.



               Thank you again for your interest in our school.  If you should have any questions or concerns during the application and admission process, please contact us on com or contact school admission officer.



CSM Team

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Find School branches and their locations

Hawler Campus

  • Baxtyari, Erbil, Kurdistan
  • Kindergarten: 0652644094/07507245827
  • Reception G1-12: 0662646001/07501989361
  • Administration G1-6:07503039841
  • Administration G7-12:07507257028
  • Registrar and IT: 0750-304-5762 Counseling: 07501953460

Duhok Campus

  • Kindergarten Gali, Duhok, Kurdistan: 07514305881
  • Grades 1-12 Zirka, Duhok, Kurdistan:
  • Reception: 07507873136
    Administration G1-12:
    07507423689 - 07504318084
    Registrar and IT: 07503768612
    Accounting: 07503768611
    Counseling: 07512431852

Suly Campus

  • Karezawishk, Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Grades 1-12: 0533287982/07480140541 Kindergarten: 07480655926
  • Bus Contact: 07708915050