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June 2019 Newsletter for CSM Suly

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June 2019 Newsletter for CSM Suly

CSMS School is announcing June 2019 newsletter, the newsletter shows the events that our students had during this month and all the other activities , news that occurred during this time year. Moreover, the newsletter have news and announcement for future events and programs. Therefor, we suggest to stay tune and visit this page to view all the coming version and news.


If you like to read the full Newsletter and know more details about each and every single activities that we added in this June version, then please find the download button below in order to download and read the complete latter

Download the Newsletter


CSM Website admin and editor.. for posting daily news and activities for school in general

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About Student News

find here every activities that we do with our student during the academic year across all the campuses Erbil , Duhok and Suly

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