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Mobile stores

application is available in android store and in IOS store as well


Students and parent will get mobile notification regularly


in new version of MyCSM you will be able to communicate with your teacher and your friends in school

Parent Letters

your PL and study materiel will be reachable from your mobile

MyCSM Frequently Asked Questions


What is MyCSM application?

MyCSM is a portal or online campus created by Classical school of the Medes. the purpose of this application is to deliver digital study materials, send messages to teacher,  mange class information and upload school pictures.

How do I access MyCSM application?

We have two ways to open MyCSM application. When using desktop computers you can access it through via school website and click on the MyCSM login button.


How can I change my password?

After you opened the login page, click on “Restore Password” as shown here:

write your username (Firstname.second name) or ( your Email)
click on Restore Password as shown here.

What do I do if I forget my password?

You can recover your password if you know your email by going to ”Restore Password” in login page as shown in the image below:

write your username (Firstname.second name) or ( your Email)
click on Restore Password as shown here. 

How do I find parent letter?

after you login in to MyCSM application, you can go to left panel and scroll down till you find Assignment page as shown below

Then click on it to open all your class parent letters and download it to your computer.

Where do I find my unpaid invoices?

To find your invoices, you have two methods. first ” Dashboard ” as shown below :

Also if you want more details on your invoice you can go to left panel list and then click on ” Accounting ” then Due Invoices as shown below:

How can I send a message to my teacher or another student?

In this new version of MyCSM you can send in app messages between your fellow students and to your teachers as well.
to send a message you must know the receiver first name or email. to start you have to click on Messages on left panel then click on Compose Message as shown below:

after that you have to search for a user to send him/her the message as shown below

Hawler Support: [email protected]
 Duhok Support: [email protected] 
Suly Support: [email protected]


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